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We strive to unite production houses and build the role played by studios and advertising producers in the marketing communication industry.

We promote mutual respect and the principles of fair play among advertising producers.

We represent and practice responsible and effective conduct in the film production process.

We initiate dialogue with the marketing communication industry – marketers, advertising agencies, creative talents and film crews, in order to develop the most favourable standards for everyone involved in the advertising production process.

We provide support for producers, working to consolidate their position as partners and experts in the marketing communication industry.

We strive to introduce the principles of fair competition and best tender procedure practices to be applied by the entire advertising producer community.

We are working on a proper standardization and improvement of working conditions for production teams and film crews in order to increase our industry’s work efficiency, safety and comfort.

We aim to ensure best practices with regard to work ethics in advertising production. We initiate their introduction and implementation in order to ensure the well-being of all advertising production employees, regardless of gender, beliefs or position held.

Our operations in these various areas are aimed at improving working conditions for all employees in our industry, leading to the increased efficiency and quality of our work, with our customers in mind, and greater attractiveness and comfort of work in the advertising industry, with its current and future employees in mind.


The Polish Advertising Producers Association (SPR) operates based on the SPR Statute, which applies to all member studios. The Statute formulates the values that the associated studios adhere to, outlines the organization's general goals, and regulates the formal issues related to its functioning. The highest authority of the Association is the General Assembly of all members. The Board of Directors, which includes five representatives of the member studios, including those representing the founding members, is responsible for implementing the Association's current strategy. The Audit Committee oversees the activities of the Association. The term of office for both the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee is two years.


If you share the same values and goals as the Association and wish to join us, now is the time.

Any production house can join the SPR, regardless of the scale of its business. Recommendation by two current Association members is all that is required.


The Management Board currently consists of:

Arleta Mikuła – Robinson - Chairwoman of the SPR Management Board

Tomek Dławichowski - Deputy Chairman of the SPR Management Board

Magdalena Olak - Deputy Chairman of the SPR Management Board

Jakub Laskus - Member of the SPR Management Board

Maciej Maciantowicz - Member of the SPR Management Board


The Audit Committee currently consists of:

Kamila Boruc – Adamska

Mariusz Pietkiewicz

Piotr Miklaszewski


advocate Jan Wiegner  Małecki Pluta Dorywalski Wiegner sp.j. law firm

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